Fight Airborne COVID With Aura Air

Purify the Air to Fight Airborne COVID-19

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Take Control with Aura Smart Air: The Airborne Covid-19 Management System

We’re in an indoor air safety crisis. COVID-19 is transmitted between people in indoor spaces through the air.

Aura Smart Air clears over 99.9% of the airborne coronavirus in indoor spaces. Aura is designed to be installed rapidly and deals with the the pathogen immediately.

Aura’s smart technology also provides in-depth, up to the moment, room by room air quality reporting through its unique app.

THE AURA SMART AIR ADVANTAGE Aura was developed with one of the Newsweek/Statista top 10 global research hospitals to fight COVID-19 where it poses the greatest risk – right in the room where people are meeting, working and eating.Aura Smart Air uses 4 complementary air purification technologies to respond to the threat of COVID-19:

Particle Pre-Filter: Air drawn in through Aura is prefiltered to eliminate larger airborne particles that the Coronavirus can hitchhike on

RAY Filter: Advanced HEPA13 / MERV17 filters trap airborne droplets and particles that can contain the Coronavirus

Bi-Polar Ionization: Aura’s patented Sterionizer technology is a unique electro technology application designed to sterilize indoor air in real time

Ultraviolet Decontamination: Engineers know that UV-C is widely used to destroy viruses and bacteria in many applications from hospitals to water treatment – Aura has discovered a way to use it to combat viruses

This unique multiple strategy combination of decontamination sanitation technologies provides an unparalleled level of protection to all occupants.

Aura Smart Air Monitoring and Reporting Capabilities

Aura Smart Air is in a league of its own with its unique monitoring reporting capabilities that let you see how your Aura system is performing.

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Monitoring: Aura units are equipped to monitor a wide range of indoor air quality parameters.

Aura IAQ Reporting: Aura Smart Air incorporates a proprietary downloadable App that continuously reports the system’s performance on cell phones and computers.

Aura Building Automation System (BAS) Integration: Aura can interface with other Smart Building systems

See what the Experts are Saying:

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Jan 2022 Consumer Electronic Show: Enterprise management platform unveiled

Dec 2021 Frost & Sullivan names Aura Entrepreneurial Company of the year.

Dec 2021 Yahoo Finance reports Aura awarded a national health ministry pilot

Nov 2021 Aura wins RealComm Wellness Technology of the Year DigiAward

Oct 2021 Innovative Bioanalysis Lab confirms Aura destroys 99.99% Coviid-19

Oct 2021 Global mining giant BHP buys 1000 units for underground operations

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