Energy Tech

Since its birth in 1948, Israel has had to become very innovative in developing and managing its energy supply. This small nation has very few domestic energy supplies and is surrounded by enemies who blockaded the normal supply of energy. Despite the lack of local and nearby supplies, Israel has become self sufficient in developing and later exporting numerous energy technologies.

Renewable Energy Production

One of Israel’s ealy success stories was the creation of Chromagen, a solar hot water comany that is ubiquitous in Israel and hasbeen exported to the four corners of the planet. We represent Chromagen in Canada.

Israel has become a leader in the solar photovoltaic sector with many companies and technologies. Israel has developed particular expertise in the emerging field of CPV, concentrated photovoltaics.

EcoWave Power which generates renewable power through ocean waves built its first installation in the ancient Port of Jaffa just south of Israel’s Tel Aviv metropolis. Since then, EcoWave has grown to include a much larger wave energy project in Gibralter and won many prestigious international awards. We respresent EcoWave Power in Canada and are exploring opportunities on both Canada’s Atlantic and Pacific Coasts.

Energy Conservation and Management

While it is important to be able to produce energy, conserving high value energy is equally important for Israel.

Elspec Power Quality has developed technology to analyze quality problems in power systems, and then clean these invisible power quality problems up thereby harvesting otherwise unusable waste power. We represent Elspec Power Quality in Canada.




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