Sonovia SonoMask

 Sononovia SonoMask

SonoMask’s uniquely engineered Sono silver impregnated anti-microbial particle filtration fabric technology offers superior personal protection for comfortable reusable universal face masks.

To date consumers have faced a very limited range of options for facial protection, the best defence against airborne pathogen transmission. N95 style medical grade protective masks are both expensive and not reusable. Disposable single use masks lead to large volumes of waste. Cotton consumer face masks are reusable but provide limited pathogen protection.

Sonovia’s extensive research in the field of sonoelectrochemistry in pursuit of better anti-microbial fabric treatments for healthcare facilities has led to development of the SonoMask, a unique sono silver impregnated reusable mask that is comfortable, washable and functional enough to be used everyday to provide enhanced personal protection against pathogens.


Anti-Pathogen Protection: 

  • Blocks 99.99% of bacteria in accordance with ISO 20743 2013 “Standard for the Determination of antibacterial activity of textile products”
  • Filters 98% of particles with diameters above 5 microns in accordance with ASTM F2299/F2299M “Standard Test Method for Determining the Initial Efficiency of Materials Used in Medical Face Masks to Penetration by Particulates Using Latex Spheres”
  • Compliant with EN 14683:2019 European Union standard for the “construction, design, performance requirements and test methods for med,ical face masks intended to limit the transmission of infective agents from staff to patients during surgical procedures”
  • Not vulnerable to reduced effectiveness due to antibiotic resistant bacteria

Other SonoMask Features:

  • Proprietary silver Sono fabric treatment to provide uniquely powerful protection
  • 80% Polyester/20% Cotton woven fabric outer layer, 100% Polyester woven fabric inner layer
  • One size fits all faces due an adjustable elastic head band (9×19.5 cm)
  • Can be washed and reused by multiple times without loss of protective features

SonoMask Benefits

  • Provides far more protection than conventional non-medical face masks
  • Reusable for better cost efficiency compared with other enhanced protection mask
  • More environmentally responsible due to reduced waste
  • For more information about Sonovia’s SonoMask please contact:
  • Leon Wasser, President, Wasser Resources Inc.
  •  1-416-473-4614